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Put a laugh in Christmas

Here's a little holiday gift for my readers: I've put the ebook of SANITY CLAUSE on sale for only 99 cents through December.

SANITY CLAUSE is a hilarious novella starring inept private eye Bubba Mabry and his wife Felicia. Cash-strapped Bubba takes a job at a local shopping mall, where one of the mall Santas ends up murdered. It's up to Bubba to make Christmas merry again.

SANITY CLAUSE is the eighth story in the Bubba Mabry series. The ninth and most recent Bubba book is another novella, PARTY DOLL.

It's been a busy December, as usual. In addition to the usual holiday madness, I agreed to serve on the board of directors of SouthWest Writers for the next year. I've been on boards before -- Mystery Writers of America, NorCal Writers Forum -- but I apparently never learn my lesson.

I speak at SouthWest Writers events quite often, and they've asked me to teach a class on Jan. 2, after the regular SWW meeting. I'll speak on Adding Humor to Your Writing. Details here. I'm also teaching my Become a Better Writer course at the University of New Mexico again, starting in mid-January. The class is full!

Amid all this busyness, I'm doing the revisions on my latest novel, the second starring a woman named Jackie Nolan, who gets in trouble for boosting semi trucks. My agent is shopping the first book around now, but no word yet on when the books will be published. I'll keep you posted.

Happy holiday season to you and yours!


Late-breaking book bargain

I can't believe I forgot to put this on my blog until now. DUKE CITY DESPERADO, my latest e-book written as Max Austin, is on sale for only 99 cents. But the sale ends Saturday, 10/3, so you must act quickly!

DUKE CITY DESPERADO is the third book in a loose trilogy of crime tales set here in Albuquerque, aka Duke City. In this one, two lowlifes try to rob a drive-thru bank and things go very wrong. It's a punchy, funny thriller and I think you'll like it. The other two Max Austin books are only $2.99. All are published by Alibi, the new crime imprint at Penguin/Random House.

I'm deep into the first draft of a new crime novel about a woman who bails out of the federal witness protection program and lands in trouble. Fun book so far.

A storm front is moving into New Mexico, just in time for the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta. Bad weather for the balloons, but good weather for writing.

Keep looking up!


Summertime news

Even when an author isn't actively writing a new book, there's always plenty of work to be done. I'm taking a break before starting a new book, but it's been a busy summer so far.

Since I last blogged here, I finished work on my latest crime novel. My agent loved it. I'm waiting to hear whether it will be published by Alibi (the new crime e-book imprint at Penguin Random House) or by some other publisher. Alibi has published my last three books, written as Max Austin.

The latest one, DUKE CITY DESPERADO, came out June 9, and has received great reviews. I've been busy with a book-blog tour set up by Alibi. If you want to see reviews, excerpts and interviews with me, just Google the title and lots of new blog posts will turn up. And more to come over the next week or two.

DUKE CITY DESPERADO is the story of two lowlifes who try to rob a drive-thru bank here in Albuquerque, and what happens to them after things go very wrong. It's a crime thriller, but there's lots of laughs, too. I had a great time writing it, and I hope you'll enjoy it, too. Only $2.99 as an e-book original.

I've written and revised two new novels since I finished DUKE CITY DESPERADO, so I'm taking a break now, focusing my attention on (the never-ending) projects around the house and garden. In the 17 months since we moved in here, we've transformed a neglected property, mostly thanks to Kelly's green thumb. But
there's always more work to do.

We've also been playing around with other ways to capitalize on my body of work. Those of you who follow me on Facebook and Twitter know about my humorous Rules for Successful Living, which I've posted
nearly every day for five years. Many of the Rules were collected into e-book/paperback form in 1500 Rules for Successful Living.

Now, we've put a few of the Rules on coffee cups (and, eventually, on bumper stickers and T-shirts), available for sale at zazzle.com. Our Zazzle "store" is called Bad_Advice. Click here to see it. The first few Rules available on coffee mugs include IT TAKES A CHILD TO RAZE A VILLAGE, EVERY RODEO HAS ITS CLOWN and LIFE IS A BOWL OF CHERRY BOMBS.

We're just sticking our toes in the water here, and haven't really told anybody about this "store" yet. So you Home Front readers can be the first to try it out. Let me know what you think.

Hope you're having a fun, productive summer!


Duke City splash

Big week for my alter ego Max Austin, with the publication of his latest Duke City crime novel and a big e-book sale.

DUKE CITY DESPERADO releases Tuesday, and thanks again to all who pre-ordered the e-book. It's only $2.99, and I'm hoping lots of folks get a copy on the first day to pump up the rankings on Amazon and such sites. Sales will determine whether I publish more of these Duke City books with Random House/Alibi, so please tell all your friends to give it a try.

The Duke City novels are standalone "crook books," though some cross-over characters pop up in all three stories.

DUKE CITY DESPERADO is the story of two nimrods who try to rob a drive-thru bank, and what happens to them on the lam. Best-selling author Charlaine Harris said the book is "more fun than a barrel of heavily medicated monkeys." Lefty Award-winning author Bill Fitzhugh calls DESPERADO a "page-burner of tart dialogue and breakneck pacing."

The second of the three novels, DUKE CITY HIT, is on sale for only 99 cents this week. DUKE CITY HIT features Vic Walters, a middle-aged hitman who finds something worth fighting for.

On Tuesday evening (6/9), I'm giving a talk to Rogue Writers, the new offshoot of SouthWest Writers here in Albuquerque. The 5 p.m. event is free and open to the public. Details here.

I've had a nice break from writing over the past few weeks, culminating in a visit to lovely Olympia, WA, where I met with longtime editor/partner-in-crime Frank Zoretich and picked up my latest manuscript, which is covered with red ink, as usual. So, it's time to get back to work.

Hope you're all having a terrific summer. Read more books!


Time off means time to read

My latest work-in-progress is off to my first editor, so I'm enjoying a brief respite from writing. I'm not one of those writers who believes you absolutely must write every day. Breaks are important, too.

Time off means I can catch up on my ever-growing reading list. I read fiction all the time, but much slower while I'm writing and editing. Given some idle time, I can get lost in reading and zip through books.

Currently, I'm reading MR. MERCEDES by Stephen King, which won the Best Novel Edgar this year. Before that, I polished off Lou Berney's THE LONG AND FARAWAY GONE. Up next is DRY BONES IN THE VALLEY by Tom Bouman, which won the Best First Novel Edgar, then TRUTH BE TOLD by Hank Phillipi Ryan, which won a whole slew of awards. Also, the brand-new novel from Duane Swierczynski, CANARY.

As you can see from that list, I try to read the big award winners and the cutting-edge stuff in crime fiction. Keeping up with your genre is part of the work of being an author. Fortunately, crime fiction is my favorite, so keeping up is a pleasure.

All of those books, by the way, are from the Albuquerque/Bernalillo County library system, which has an excellent online system for putting "holds" on books. I read on my Kindle when I travel, but I still read paper books at home.

Aside from reading, I've also been working around the house and helping my wife with her vegetable garden. Watching the NBA playoffs. Listening to a lot of music. Napping. Recharging my batteries.

Soon, I'll be busy doing lots of publicity for DUKE CITY DESPERADO, my third novel written as Max Austin. The crime novel, about two chumps who try to rob a drive-thru bank, comes out June 9. Only $2.99 as an e-book original from Random House/Alibi.

And my editor will return my latest manuscript, all covered in red ink. And I'll get back to work.